Let’s Connect

Bridging the gap in digital divide

Fostering opportunity & equitable progress for all

By providing technology to those in need, empowerment through communities can transcend socioeconomic barriers. As individual gain access to digital tools and resources, they are equipped with the means to acquire knowledge, connect with a global network, and explore new avenues of personal and professional growth.

Ultimately, by narrowing the digital divide, society as a whole can reap the benefits of a more inclusive and dynamic landscape, where diverse voices contribute to innovation, creativity, and shared progress.

“Receiving the laptop was a game-changer for me – it opened up a world of opportunities and allowed me to chase my dreams without limitations.”

– Simon G

SO: Let’s Connect user

What we provide


Refurbished laptops can be provided to those in need, preinstalled with software for document editing, browsing the web and emails.


If we required we can offer WiFi dongles to help you get online and stay connected with your friends, family & community.


If you are struggling with computer skills and information we provide signposting to local organisations who can offer training and support.

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